Stone Empowerment  
heah tur means high hill
Healing sessions with me are available no matter where you live. Larry Dossey, M.D., says energy healing is a form of prayer. As such, it works beautifully from any distance.

For more information: Contact Jane Hightower by email: or telephone: (706)-860-9537



Individual Healing Sessions

Energy healing is as successful from a distance as it is with the healer standing beside you. I do distant healing all over the country with excellent results. Usually, the client telephones me at the appointed time and we talk. The very first appointment, I take an in-depth intake, so that appointment is usually about 1  hours. For the rest, I get an update as to what has been happening in his or her life. Then the client lies down in a quiet room while I continue working, and I call back when complete for discussion.

To contact me, send an email to or call me at (706)-860-9537 for details. First appointments are $100 and subsequent ones are $75. Please note: Payment must be received before the session appointment.


All information on this web-site is intended to be a supportive part of a holistic approach to health and not intended to replace allopathic medicine (medical doctors), chiropractic care, counseling, or other integrative health modalities. To be truly holistic, use everything at your disposal for your total health and highest good.


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