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The first three stories were written many years ago for my own daughters, Paula and Kristen. They take place in the summer, autumn, and winter, but I could never think of a story for spring.

The first Sedona Wolf Week, a conference hosted by Apex Protection Project and Plan B to Save Wolves, had a contest to rewrite the Little Red Riding Hood story and the spring story just seemed to be downloaded into my mind!

My girls wanted me to publish the stories, and so here they are. I envisioned this as a read-aloud book that would both bring pleasure and stimulate conversation with your children on a variety of important topics. I hope you enjoy it with your little ones – children, grandchildren, or great-grands.

With love, Jane

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The Adventures of Homer the Rabbit

by Jane Hightower



Homer is a simple rabbit who must go out into the world and make a place for himself. He finds friendship with others unlike himself, learns many lessons, and overcomes his fears. Designed to be read aloud, this book encourages conversation between parents and children on a variety of subjects.

To order: This book is available on order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Table of Contents

Homer Finds a New Home...............................Page 2
    Homer learns that going out on his own doesn’t mean he has to be alone.
    He learns that others don’t have to be like him to be his friends and help him.
    He learns that “home” is where you make it.

Strangers in Timbercreek Forest....................Page 13
    The people teach their child about the forest and the beings who live there.
    Homer and his friends learn about people and learn wonderful things about themselves.
    They learn that everyone in the forest has an important job in caring for Earth.

What’s the Matter with Homer.........................Page 24
    Homer feels homesick but is embarrassed and ashamed.
    He learns he doesn’t have to hide his feelings from friends.
    He learns that love doesn’t go away, and family is always important.

Homer the Rabbit and the Wolf........................Page 33
    Homer learns that loss can lead to greater gain.
    He learns that what you are afraid of can be the best thing for you.
    He makes new friends through unexpected circumstances.

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